An illustration created to showcase my transition from recent college graduate
and server, to design intern, which, in turn, transformed me into the superdesigner
I am today.

Throughout the duration of the internship I collaborated with the creative team at Hunt Adkins to design logos, posters, editorial covers, banner ads, skyway signage, bus sides, billboards, and a light rail train wrap, for a variety of clients.

I began at Hunt Adkins during a time when there was an elevated demand for design work. This meant I had to hit the ground running, involving a significant amount of multitasking and several late nights.  It was all worth it though; I gained a great deal of experience and had the opportunity to learn from several talented and innovative people.

To view all of the work completed during
the three month period spent at the illustrious Hunt Adkins, click on the
"see all work" button located beneath
the lovely self-portraits.